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I'm Park kyeong-ho, CEO of MMP Co., Ltd.
I sincerely thank you for your active support of our products and great interest towards our company.

Since its foundation in 1991, we have been focusing our efforts on different kinds of industries such as
semi-conductors, water-processing, and the chemical industries under the motto of a Thermoplastic Total Solution.

We are a sole distributor in Korea for Spears and distributor of Harvel, U.S.A., which are the most excellent manufacturers of SCH80 PVC and CPVC pipe materials, We provide different kinds of SCH80 PVC and CPVC pipe materials and carry out quick delivery to the fields to meet customer's requirement.

Also, we are a sole distributor in Korea for Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd. in Japan, providing super clean PVC,
HT PVC, SCH80 PVC, and CPVC piping products that are used on semi-conductor ultra-pure equipment, R/O, and
semi-conductor devices. We have secured a sufficient amount of inventory that can be used in the domestic
semi-conductor field, ultra-pure equipment, and chemical industries and are carrying out quick delivery.

We are a sole distributor of industrial products in Korea for FIP in Italy, providing special plastic products such as
plastic auto and manual valves, PVDF, PP pipe & fittings.
Also we are sole distributor of and DOXI Teflon (PFA, PTFE) lined valves to industrial areas such as semi-conductors, pharmaceuticals, shipbuilding, steel manufacturing, and chemicals with ample professional knowledge.

Also, we are a sole distributor in Korea for Röchling Engineering in Germany, providing sufficient inventory
of PVDF, PP, FM PVC, PPC for fire trucks and tanks, and flame-resistant PPS sheets, carrying out quick delivery.

As of 2003, we have been manufacturing (processing, assembly, testing) and supplying automatic valves (plastic, metal). Our laboratory has been independently developing thermoplastic automatic socket fusion machine as of 2010.
In 2015, we acquired patent rights and have been building a good reputation using thermoplastic machines for plastic pipe material that is suitable for leak-free connection.
We promise you that we will be providing better customer service and reliable technical data with a sincere and positive business manners.

We look forward to your active advise and support in future.

Thank you very much.

Park, kyeong-ho
CEO of MMP Co., Ltd.

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